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Men's Empowering Resource Center (MERC), Inc.

"Striving to Strengthen our Community One Male at a Time"

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Our Services
Each of MERC's clients is assigned a case worker and must undergo a General Assessment and a Mental Health Assessment.  Once the assessments are complete, the case worker is then able to (1) refer the client to other agencies for specific services and/or (2) actually provide services to any client.

GENERAL ASSESSMENT SERVICES - Participants undergo a thorough general assessment that evaluates each client's needs.  Each client is assessed on the following categories.
  • Basic Needs (food, clothing, housing)
  • Academic Needs (basic, secondary, and/or technical)
  • Social Needs (life skills, anger management)
  • Employment Needs (unemployment or underemployment)
  • Parenting Needs (relationships with children, child support, custody, paternity, parental education)


MENTAL HEALTH ASSESSMENT SERVICES - Participants undergo a thorough mental health assessment that is conducted by a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).  The LPC collects information about the client's mental health capacity through interviews, observations, and tests, adn then decides how best to treat the client.  The LPC helps the client deal with problems or conflicts that they are unable to resolve alone, such as substance abuse, depression, suicidal thoughts, etc.  Depending on the level of severity of any issues that are identified, the LPC meets with the client one-on-one, weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly.  During the process the LPC will also make referrals to outside agencies as deemed necessary.


After both the general and mental health assessments are completed, each client will receive a Service Needs Plan that outlines the client's needs and a map to meet those needs.  Currently, MERC is able to address some needs in-house through its own programs.  However, needs that can't be met through its internal services are referred to outside agencies.