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Men's Empowering Resource Center (MERC), Inc.

"Striving to Strengthen our Community One Male at a Time"

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Employment Needs Services

Many hard-to-place workers, particular those from disadvantaged backgrounds, may simultaneously face several barriers to employment. As a result, they often experience significant difficulty in finding and maintaining a job.


A large portion of MERC's clients are facing employment barriers such as: lack of education, lack of work history, low income, no transportation, substance-abuse, criminal records, homelessness and more.  In addition, these hard-to-serve customers often lack “soft” skills, such as personal grooming, getting to work on time, showing initiative, and communicating clearly, verbally and in writing. Employers stress how critical the basic soft skills are, especially among those who go directly from high school into the workforce. Lack of such skills can hinder even the brightest young people with great potential.  According to the American Society of Employers in Detroit, “The biggest employer workforce concern is finding qualified employees, not just regarding their technical skills base but also their soft skills and basic academics, including teamwork, getting up on time....Employers want people who are qualified with those basic skills and who have some growth potential. There are plenty of bodies, but not enough with skills even for so-called unskilled positions."

Job Readiness
MERC offers a seven week training class, two hours one day per week to our participants that addresses any employability issues that they  may be experiencing. Using a combination of the "Barriers to Employment" and the "Job Smarts" curriculum, MERC teaches by the following schedule:
Week 1 - Participants complete Career Assessment. 
Week 2 -  Participants complete Barriers to Employment Inventory Assessment.
Week 3 - Participants learn how to overcome any Barriers identified.
Week 4 - Participants set their goals.
Week 5 - Particpants learn how to complete applications and how to write a resume.
Week 6 - Participants learn interviewing and dress techniques.
Week 7 - Participants perform job searches.
Volunteer Work Program
MERC offers a volunteer work program that provides work opportunities to our participants that allow them to learn responsibility, gain leadership skills, build their character, develop a sense of self-esteem, gain work experience that can be used to build a future, as well as, earn a stipend for each work opportunity that they participate in.
 Job Placement Services
After a participant completes a minimum of twenty six weeks in the MERC programs and services, MERC attempts to help them find gainful employment through its networks with various companies and organizations who are willing and able to give our participants a chance for change.