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Men's Empowering Resource Center (MERC), Inc.

"Striving to Strengthen our Community One Male at a Time"

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Basic Needs Services 

"Basic Needs" refer to those fundamental requirements that serve as the foundation for survival.  Access to the basic needs of life, including food, clothing and shelter is necessary to the development of a strong community and a necessary precursor to individual self-sufficiency.
Food -
MERC provides referrals to local food banks and churches.
Clothing -
MERC currently has a clothes bank that the community has donated clothes to. These various items are available to any client who is in need. If MERC is unable to meet the needs of its clients, MERC provides referrals to other local clothing banks.

Shelter -

MERC currently partners with Alamance Community Service Agency to help our eligible clients secure housing. If a client is ineligible for the services offered by the Alamance Community Service Agency, MERC provides referrals to local shelters and alternative housing programs.