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Men's Empowering Resource Center (MERC), Inc.

"Striving to Strengthen our Community One Male at a Time"

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About F.U.N!                                      
"Children whose fathers were highly involved in their schools were more likely to do well academically, to participate in extracurricular activities, to enjoy school and were less likely to have ever repeated a grade or been expelled compared to children whose fathers are less involved in their schools.  This effect held for both two-parent and single-parent households; and was distinct and independent from the effect of mother involvement."


Fathers United Now! (F.U.N!) is a dynamic program focusing on uplifting and encouraging all children to excel in school by uniting them with fathers and other positive male-figures for a two-fold mission:


To provide supportive yet unobtrusive presence in the hallways, classrooms, libraries and lunchrooms.






To give administrators positive, genuine support for the important work that they do everyday.